Thursday, 10 October 2013

Back To The Wonderful Land of LCF

Throughout a long summer holiday, i am back at uni starting a new project which is Fashion Forecasting & Brand development for AW 14 & SS 15. In which we are to choose a company and look intensely at their target customer, brand positions, USP, core values and characteristics. In which to achieve and develop a brand extension or brand stretch for that company in a 3000 word report. 

"Branding is not just about individual products, but creates an identity for the company, for consumers, as well as for those who work within the organisation. Branding creates a vision for the company. "
 Hancock, J. 2009. Brand/story. New York: Fairchild Books.

This unit includes extensive use of blogging our ideas, research, and discussions throughout our lectures & seminars. Aswell as GANTT charts to illustrate the timeline of marketing activities and customer mood boards and pen portraits to build our own ideas of the brand we have chosen. I have found looking at WGSN, businessoffashion, trendwatching and a great source to begin my research into the brand i am aiming to base my project on. 

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