Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nottinghill With Love

I do apologise that lack of any posts in the past year or so? I have started uni in London studying Fashion Design. And to be honest, completely forgot about posting on here. But i am back. And it is my end of summer resolution to carry on posting!

The other day my girl Chelsea and I went to Nottinghill to explore the wonderfull little Boutiques, shops and gelato cafes. Oh and ofcourse the wonderful Portobello Market.  Firstly visiting Sabastiano Barbagallo that sells a beautiful collection of antiquities from Tibet, Chine and India. I am honestly say i can spend all day in that wonderful shop. There are so many hidden little treasures that you can take your eyes away from searching around for beautiful old shop. I have bought i few little jewellery pieces from here.. which always reminds me of being back in markets in Bali. 

Walking along Portobello we came to the one and only Gelato Mio, where i was desperate to get Gelato after i am pineing after Italy at the moment, we had some wonderful Italian Gelato here. Which i must recommend trying the Watermelon sorbet on a hot day. They sell a wide selection or scrumcious Gelato ranging from biscotti, coconut, hazelnut, blueberry, pistachio to the one and only cookies & cream. 

Walking down Portobello road with our watermelon and biscotti gelato we found some wonderful finds on Portobello Market. Fabulous antique teacups and china sauces in delicate pale pinks, blue and cream which would go beautifully well with macaroons from Laudree. I would very much suggest going to Nottinghill on a Saturday when the whole of Portobello is packed with stalls, even though it is full of tourists.. It gives you the Nottinghill vibe of 

unique stalls selling the most crazy wackiest
paintings to the beautiful stalls full of pearls, beads and venetian masks. Including a table full of antique cutlery. 

I was wearing pretty much everything from Topshop as always.. 
Denim Jacket- Topshop
Yellow top- Topshop
Shirt- Topshop
Shoes- Topshop
Bag- Michael Kors
Jewellery- Tiffany, Italy, Bali, Thomas Sabo, Markets

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