Friday, 21 October 2011


I thought i would start a petit blog. Of what inspires me and what i find interesting in my day. I am traveling to Australia to live in Adelaide with my family for a few months                                                          to work and to do a petit travelling, before i start at London College of Fashion next September to study Fashion Design and Marketing. And Today i bought a couple beaautiful bright red Antler suitcases, to keep safe all my clothes while traveling over Europe, India and 
South East Asia. Stopping over in Singapore for three hours.. which i am so excited about as the shops are fabulous in the airport. The thing i am mainly worrying about, is that i will get side tracked in a shop and miss my flight.. 
My small suitcase i will take on as hand luggage with my Apple Mac laptop (Annie), Vogue of-course, Fashionary sketch book which is amazing.. so many dresses to design..which is always in my handbag, wearing Topshop nail varnish and beautiful Chloe perfume. And of-course my ipod and passport. 
Checked the baggage allowance 23kg.. only. The additional baggage allowance prices on flights are ridiculous.. i can't help it that i have a lot of clothes..

Lotsoflove x

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