Saturday, 22 October 2011

J'aime le Rouge.

I am at a loss, as i have nothing to do- work was canceled. So i decied to dress up.. in red. What do you think? Pretty much everything is from Topshop. As you will find out throughout my up coming posts that my whole wardrobe is Topshop. I should have shares in the company. So yes, my red dress bought about 3 months ago for my leavers day party.
 My shoes Tan with a block wood heel, which i love to wear with skinny jeans. Nail varnish (always wearing red at the moment) War Paint £5 a must to buy. And red lipstick Rio Rio- It makes me feel invincible. I would defiantly recommend.
Personally, wearing anything red will make me feel great. As my confidence has never been amazing.
And if you want to feel better in yourself.. this colour is defiantly the way to go.Looking at buying this beautiful Chanel nail varnish in colour Dragon or Pirate. Also these stunning shoes from Topshop.. i hate having to save. But maybe once i get to Australia, i will purchase these tremendous shoes.. to congratulate myself on actually making it there without ending up in the wrong country.

Lotsoflove x
p.s Oh and on the subject of red. Personally Valentino is one of the most amazing and inspirational designers of our time. And this photo illustrates his talent and beauty with Model Natalia Vodianova from

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