Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yellow Shoes Down Under..

Apologies on the very late post.. Been very busy. However i am now in the beautifully hot and sunny Australia. The packing to come here was a challenge.. when folding and packing my clothes you realize the amount is pretty stupendous.. no wonder it was a work out to actually fit another item on clothing into my overflowing wardrobe. And of course i had to fit my Minnie teddy that i was given from the wonderful Jessie for a au revoir present. 
But i am here..My 20 laps every morning in the wonderful pool, and sun bathing in the sun. Not missing the cold wintering England! Although, Topshop is always in the back of my mind.. I have been here for 6 days now and i have got over my jet lag thank goodness, i hate being tired! The flight went well, i actually managed to get on the right planes..and not end up in in somewhere totally opposite to Australia (north pole maybe?) I do so love duty free bought Chloe Love perfume and a beaautiful Top from Zara which i will show you in my 'Purchases Already' post. 
Now its time to wear my summer clothes once again.. Unpacking my long flowing maxi dresses, embellished beaded sandles and cotton floral tops. I do so love the summer months. And to wear my Topshop grey viscose flowing fairy tale skirt with Zara white vest, in the hot sun by the pool as you can see. Is much better than Ugg boots and skinnys in the cold fields of Derby. Oh the joy of an Australian summer.

Oh and of course Australian Vogue has been bought. 

lotsoflove x

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